Our Coffee Roasting Adventure

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A blog about why we started a coffee roasting business

Welcome to our first ever blog on our big coffee roasting adventure!

So… why coffee roasting?

We are a family with an affinity for coffee! We have tried all the main coffee machines from (in no particular order… oh okay, they are ranked worst to best here!) Tassimo to Dolce Gusto to Nespresso, but we felt they were just not giving us the high quality cup of coffee that we wanted. We moved over to the whole ‘bean to cup’ way of doing things and had bean to cup filter machines at work and at home and over time upgraded these (currently running a Melitta Barista TS Smart in the office).

It’s quite easy to say, the bean to cup coffee machine changed our world! It opened our eyes to aromas and tasting notes that we hadn’t thought about before. The types of coffee we chose to indulge in ranged from Espresso to Latte Mocha to BrainF*** (this is a colleagues drink of choice on our Melitta (it’s a Dead Eye with extra two shots (so that’s FIVE in total!)). After buying this coffee machine, we are now experimenting with different single origin coffees, processing methods and flavour profiles by roasting the beans from city roast to full French, to get the right aroma and tasting notes in our cup of coffee.

Obviously, the next rationale thought was “how can we make our cup of coffee even better?”, we did some more research about coffee beans and realised we needed to buy a roasting machine, because who doesn’t have space for yet another kitchen appliance these days?! This enabled us to roast the green coffee beans to a roast that brings out the best aromas and tasting notes (in our opinion) – we didn’t realise that the coffee beans you get at a supermarket are mass produced and of a lower quality as well as not being very fresh, losing their ability to fully deliver the taste that they could do if consumed closer to roasting.

We roasted a few batches of our test beans, and when our friends and family tried them, they pushed us over the edge by posing the question “Why don’t you start selling them online?”.

So here we are. FFansi Coffi?



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