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Kenya - AA Mwiboini Estate



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Origin: Single Origin Kenya

Varietal: SL & Ruiru 11

Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Hazelnut & Apple

Cupping Notes: Immerse yourself in pineapple, hazelnut and apple aromas. Tangy acidity, creamy mouthfeel with vibrant soft apricot notes. Long, smooth hazelnut finish. Perfect for espresso and filter.

Mwiboini Estate is a coffee farm located in Kirinyaga county, central Kenya, near the slopes of Mt. Kenya. The farm is owned by a small scale farmer who is a coffee enthusiast. The farm boasts of a pulping station and drying patios. It employs locals and most of its operations are by hand method.  The coffees from the farm scores well on the SCAA scale and are well known for their outstanding cupping notes.

Mr Gichangi grew up on his father’s Coffee plantation. He is very passionate about coffee. After working in government for many years, he retired and took on farming full time. He has employed an estate manager and he exports his own coffee to countries such as Australia, China and other African countries.    


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