We’re Ffansi Coffi – a small coffee company, located in South Wales. We love coffee and we believe that the key to unlocking the unique tastes and aromas in the world's finest coffee is in the roasting of the beans. Focusing on hand-roasting small batches means we can perfectly judge the timing and temperature to delicately draw out the complex flavour notes from raw green beans. We carefully study how the beans turn from green to straw yellow, to rich earthy brown, to smoky dark chocolate, ready to be brewed into the perfect cup. 

We want you to experience the remarkable difference that using ethically-sourced, high quality, freshly roasted and ground coffee beans will bring to your cup of coffee.

Join us and leave behind the average, over-roasted and often bitter coffee too many people accept as “normal” from coffee-chains and supermarkets. We are happy to now be taking online coffee orders and delivering both ground and whole bean coffee straight to your letter box.

So, Ffansi Coffi?